Massage FAQs

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Cancellations & Late Arrivals

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Cancellation Policy

Your appointment times are reserved just for you and are very important to us. We understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary; therefore, we respectfully request a  minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellations.


Please understand that when you forget or cancel your appointment without giving enough notice, we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time, and clients on our waiting list miss the opportunity to receive services. You are sent reminders via text and/or email 48 hours in advance because we know how easy it is to forget an appointment you may have booked weeks or months ago and we wish to afford you the opportunity to notify us so as not to incur a cancellation fee.

  • Less than 24 hour notice will result in a charge equal to 50% of the reserved service amount.
  • Same day appointments or appointments made within the 24 hour period must be cancelled within 4 hours of appointment time or will result in a charge equal to 50% of the reserved service amount.
  • “NO SHOWS" will be charged 100% of the reserved service amount. 

Late Arrival

Running on time is an important part of our success and vital to good customer service. We understand that life, work, and traffic happens. If you will be arriving late, please call or text us as early as possible so that 1. we know you are okay and 2. we can adjust our schedule if possible. It may be possible for us to accommodate you, but if not, we will finish at the appointed time. We will not inconvenience the client after you, but will do our very best with the time remaining after your arrival.

  • If we have not heard from you prior to your appointment, and it is 15 minutes past your scheduled time, you will be considered a No Show. Your appointment time will be made available to another guest and you will be charged 100% of the reserved service(s) amount.
  • If we have been notified prior to your appointment, we will see you for the amount of time that is remaining after your arrival and fit in as many services as we can in that time if you have multiple services scheduled. You will be responsible for the full amount of the reserved service(s) regardless.

These policies insure that we run on time for each and every  one of our clients, that those on our waiting list are given the opportunity to be seen, and that we avoid gaps in our schedule. We thank you for your understanding and support of the enforcement of these policies which allow us to provide the very best quality and service to all.

What is included in the session time?

Every session includes time for consultation, time to disrobe, actual hands-on time, and time for you to redress.

Do I need to completely undress?

You should undress to your comfort level. Most of our clients prefer to be fully undressed, but some prefer to leave their undergarments on. It is 100% your choice. We do, however, suggest if you are receiving back treatments to remove the bra in order to receive the highest level of service and comfort. Only areas being worked are uncovered from the blanket and/or sheet during any service, and your personal areas will never be exposed! Always be sure to voice if you are uncomfortable in any way during your session.

How much should I tip?

Think of your therapist as you would any other service professional such as a waitress, hairdresser, etc. Your tip should reflect your appreciation for the service given and be based on the full price of a service rather than any discounted price. The current national average is 20% for service industries.

How often should I receive massage?

This is a common question and is best determined after initial consultation. General wellness is considered once monthly, but many of our clients come in on a weekly or bi-weekly basis due to chronic pain or as general stress relief. Modern life is incredibly hectic and many people find that 2-4 times per month is much more effective in making their work life manageable and their personal life more enjoyable. Massage packages are offered at a discounted rate for those who choose massage more frequently.